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Mahon Ave. North Vancouver custom home

North Vancouver custom home project: These 2 new houses each over 3000 sq.ft. in three storey, includes a secondary suite designed by a known North Vancouver Architect. We helped the developer in construction managements, interior design and material selections. Some exterior elements like post and beam foyer and colour schemes and so on. We helped a well known North Vancouver builder to achieve their goal.
Construction period: 9.5 months

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home with pool

Richmond Luxury Mansion

This 13,500 sq.ft. mansion with 1400 sq.ft. 4 car garage designed and built in Richmond farmland a state of modern art. This multi-million dollar house with semi flat roof and lots of open spaces and high ceilings creates lots of space for the family to enjoy their all season accommodation. Swimming pool with a change room in the yard and plenty of patio in the back yard for family parties. Richmond home, designed for a big family some area up to 16 feet high enjoying awesome views from everywhere in the house. Each bedroom is a suite with a balcony with 3 air-conditioner and geo-thermal heating system.

New Homes

New homes in Vancouver, Richmond and North shore

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Cost effective & high quality

Inglewood Ave. West Vancouver custom home

2500 sq.ft. house + 500 sq.ft. garage. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, in 2 floors with gorgeous view of ocean and West Vancouver mountains. The Contemporary design with west coast architectural elements makes this home style one that won’t get boring any time soon. This custom home been designed and built for an aged family considering their needs and for a future younger family.
Construction period: 6 months. Home design and permit period: 3 months

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Addition to your Home?

Welcome to

Addition to your home can be a daunting task, but can also turn a house into your personalized dream home.

Home additions provide the opportunity to eliminate the small, cramped and intolerable spaces of your home. Whether you’re considering a home addition because you have a growing family, or want to increase the resale value of your house, we can help you.
We have the know how, tools, and experienced trades people to get the job done.

We provide creativity along with the high standards of workmanship, a dedicated team of professionals, and a project that completes on-time, on-budget and beyond your expectations.